Monday, July 12, 2010

Thanks Taz!

 This is a shout out to Taz for working so hard this summer. He has been working exra harding picking up extra shifts at the Show Low Hospital. He has been working so hard so we can have a good time in San Diego and pay for his Tution. We love you Daddy! Thanks for all your hard work! This was a night we were riding our bikes around our house. One of the few nights Daddy has been home with us. We Love when Daddy comes Home!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

60 years!

Heidi and Jon

Our Sweet little family!

Taz and I

This is  us trying to get a family picture...

My Grandparents had their 60th Wedding Anniversary. We had a party for them on June 12th. It was so fun to get together with all the cousins and family. This is a picture of my Mom,her Parnets and her sisters: Louise Welker,Nina Fisher,Ila and Irvin Howard, My mom and Carol Hubbard.

Enjoying the party with Shannon and Heidi

My Brother Heath, his Wife Timi, my Dad, my Brother Houston and his Girlfriend Shannon.

My Cousin Tara with her soon to be Husband Jarom holding Heston and Melissa's baby Emily. Melissa Welker married to my Cousin Heston.

My Cousin Holly holding her new baby Lark with her new Husband Bernie. Also my cousin Matt's Girlfriend Kate and My Cousin Gunner's wife Shawna.

Kiersten. Houston's Daughter.

Heston and Guner.

Dustin and Danny Welker.

Grandpa Howard

Grandma Howard

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Day at the pool

Ridge and Tatum

My sister Heidi and my nephew Ridge

Talley and my neice Laney


I love the summer! I love the Heat! I love my Girls!

Friday, June 11, 2010


Tatum and I cheering for Talley!

Good Job Talley!

Running to First Base. Go Talley!

This is Talley's first T-ball game. She did so good =) She is on the yankees Team! It is so fun that Talley is growing up and getting involved with different activities, but also sad that she is growing up. Before we know it we will be posting pictures of her playing Highschool sports.

Playing in the dirt.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Double Trouble!


They do everything together. They are so lucky to have each other!

Just some random cutness of my girls!

Dress up Time!

So Sweet!

Crazy Tatum!

I Just love these girls so much!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We got to meet President Monson!

This is the Email Taz sent to our Family after our amazing experience today:

"So we were on our way home from the shop after helping Fletcher with some forms when we decided that we weren't going to hang out with our friends the Players because Tatum has been spiking temperatures. So I call Matt and tell him that we are going to have to cancel tonight. I asked what they were doing and he said right now we are sitting at the end of Cluff Drive on Airport Road because we just heard that the Prophet is going to land at the airport at 2pm. Kristen and her sister Amy have made big signs that say "We Thank Thee O God For Prophet, We Love You President Monson" I asked if it was OK if we came out there because we are already in the car and thought it would be great for the kids to see the Prophet drive by and wave hopefully anyway. So we waited and saw the fancy Jet fly by on its way to land at the airport. Crossing our fingers that security didn't decide to take them through Solomon we all waited anxiously joking about wouldn't that be something if He stopped to talk? We all laughed because we know the tight schedules and tight security. So someone from the airport called us and told us he had turned our direction so anxious and exited we all lined the road about 15 of us,(mainly all Cluff's) so we could see and wave. Here the 6-7 car entourage comes over the hill and we are all so excited we start waving early just to make sure our hands are up when He drives by. Then we see which car he is in and keep waiving.......and the car stops and pulls over! Then all the other cars pull over and once all cars stopped and security personnel got out and blocked traffic the Prophet, President Henry B Eyring and Elder Jeffrey R Holland got out of their cars and came over and started talking to us and shaking hands. When the Prophet saw Talley He gave her a Hi-Five and put both his hands on her shoulders and started telling her that he liked her yellow shirt because that is his favorite color, and proceeded to tell her at length why yellow is his favorite color for it seemed like 5 minutes. Then he said one more time "give me five" and they slapped hands! We all were able to shake hands with all three. He made sure he talked to everyone and shook their hands. More and more people started trying to stop and before we knew it there was like 30+ people there. The Spirit flows through every handshake and everyone there had tears in their eyes. Then we started singing "We Thank The O God For a Prophet" while he was walking away and He stopped and turned and faced us and sang with Gusto with us! It was amazing to hear this man sing. Then when it was over he waved and walked away.....not without making us all laugh first! When he got to the yellow center line of the road he put both hands out like a tight rope walker and "walked the line" for us all then got to his car waved one more time and left. I don't think any person in the world could have any doubt in their mind that the Church is true if they had the opportunity to see and meet and feel the spirit that radiates from the Prophet of the Church, it penetrates the soul! AMAZING! We all were shaky excited etc for a long time after. Unfortunately we didn't know how long he would be there for so we only got cell phone pics etc and never stood by him long enough to get a picture to allow all there to be able to see and talk to him. Thought you all would like to hear our story today."

 Notice Talley

We will never forget this day!